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Our Expert Service:

Our vast experience (since 1982) within the  financial services sector has taught us that one must be able to manage constant change in the operations of financial services firms in Australia.

Our research shows that far too many firms and their principals are too busy working “in their business” as opposed to “on their business”.

This may lead to:

  • higher risk of inefficiency in performance and service delivery
  • shortfalls in compliance and good governance
  • missed growth opportunities
  • brand and reputational damage and
  • eventually a decrease in “net value” of the business when you consider selling it or implementing a succession plan.

Our practice management advice is based on practical operational experience and we have found that in working with practice principals we deliver effective and efficient strategies for improved management.

Our advisory disciplines are:

  • Business “Best Practice” processes; Coaching and Mentoring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of portfolios and practices in AFS
  • Governance & Compliance to all regulatory requirements 
  • Business Growth & Diversification; Strategy & Implementation

 Our M & A work within AFS* is considered to be at “platinum level” by our past clients, its based on years of experience and strong qualifications, it is highly customised to each clients strategic direction and business model. We use a staged process which allows careful and precise profiling and  matching of Vendor and Purchaser.

We provide a complete service to include market discovery, negotiations, due diligence and legal completion.

Our firm also has had the unique benefit of experiencing the largest amount of change within financial services in history, namely the 1980’s and 90’s, when ASIC and other regulatory bodies worked to enforce a new level of regulation within the financial services sector  overall and in financial planning in particular.

This insightful knowledge  and experience allows us to give practical advice on future potential developments in all sectors with the AFS Industry.

[*Please do not confuse our advisory work with what your AFSL BDM/PDM may offer, we are independent]

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