“Success In Business® Mentoring Programs”


Max Franchitto

 Max Franchitto , as founder and principal advisor at MGF Consulting Group (est. 1999), is a knowledgeable, experienced and highly qualified business mentor /advisor in the SME’s, large Corporate and NFP sectors.

The advice you receive will lead to:

  •  Improved decision making & problem solving for you and your business

  • Improved leadership skills for you (and your team)

  • Improved risk management and strategic planning for sustainable success

  • Improved business performance & growth

  • Improved customer growth / retention / loyalty

  • Improved profits & ROI for all stakeholders


Program features:

  • One to one session, once fortnightly to an agreed or open agenda 

  • Access to expertise in; Operations management, Corporate governance, Business development strategies, M & A strategy & implementation, Marketing, People management & selection, Financial Management and Para-Legal assistance (including ADR).

  • Availability to discuss all management issues at anytime over the phone outside session times. 

  • Access to management literature from world best practice business publications and MGFCG library. 

  • Access to research on management issues specific to your managerial needs. 

  • Access to market research to improve your market intelligence & comparative advantage

  • Discounted fees on sales, marketing and customer service training for your organisation as requested. 

Ideal for CEO’s ,MD’s in large and small organisations, Commercial & NFP (Family businesses included).


Also offering career planning advice to Senior Executives seeking a pathway to CEO/MD level in both the Commercial and NFP sectors


Your investment:


Time Investment: One 90 to 120 minute (face to face) session per fortnight recommended.

Financial Investment: $ POA per month, on a 4 month (min),8 month or 12 month program, payable monthly in advance, opt out at 30 days notice.

*Casual sessions are available and charged in 90 minute – 2 hrs blocks – POA.

Why Max:

Over three decades of senior management and consulting experience including advisory services to over 500 SME companies and their Directors & Managers. With tertiary qualifications in economics, marketing, financial management and business law, backed by practical implementation experience at large and small business level.  Having worked as mentor to a number of CEO’s, you can be assured to receive tried and tested strategies that will innovate your thinking and your business direction.


 Do not hesitate in contacting me via email on;  info@mgf.com.au and have an “obligation free” discussion about your current challenges !!


For further information visit: www.mgf.com.au OR www.buildyourboard.com.au OR  https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxfranchitto/.



“In business you can either absorb challenges or share them with an expert”