Build Your Board

Building Your Board for Effectiveness and Good Governance

The importance of an effective Board must not be underestimated nor should it be assumed as a given by simply gathering a number of experienced individuals”.

Maximising Opportunities for Success

At Build Your Board (est. 2010) we work with new and existing organisations who wish to develop an effective and efficient Board of Executive and Non Executive Directors, with a strong concern for excellence in disciplines such as;

  1. Corporate Governance & Compliance
  2. Strategic Direction
  3. Effective Decision  Making
  4. Good Financial Management

We work to Build a Board for our clients that will mirror the needs of the organisation in operational focus while providing leadership and strategic direction. By placing good corporate governance at the centre of all our thinking and advice, we help to match the Board with the operational management requirements of the organisation. It is our strong belief that the skill set and knowledge of the Board should compliment the management divisions of the organization so as to minimise the risk of reliance on information presented to the Board by divisional experts such as finance, compliance and marketing just to mention a few.

We explore the validity of conventional wisdom in building or perfecting a Board by addressing the relative importance of advice for;

  1. Board Performance Reviews and Director Assessments
  2. Board Strategic Planning 
  3. Board & Director Professional Development (CPD)
  4. Board Remuneration advice  
  5. Aspiring Board member mentoring programs (MP4, MP8,MP12)
  6. Board Member search and placement
  7. Board Sub-Committees formulation & evaluation
  8. Governance Expert Determinations on policies and disputes
  9. Governance-At- Call advisory service (by subscription)
  10. BYB Board -Talk, scheduled “Think Tanks” of like minded Directors 

It is our belief that in building an “Effective Board” one must realise that good Board governance cannot be legislated by governments or their authorities alone, it has to be built over time with the continuous application and drive of the following principles:

  1. Creating a climate of Trust and Transparency
  2. Foster a culture of Open discussion
  3. Utilize a fluid portfolio of roles through diversity both gender and skill based
  4. Ensuring individuals and board accountability
  5. A balanced evaluation of the overall Board’s performance
  6. Making your Board “future proof” through strategic planning

With this as the basis of our Board advisory services we believe that we can help your organisation meet and manage the challenges of good corporate leadership and governance in the regulatory environment of the 21st Century.

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