Executive Search

In an organisational world demanding fast and effective solutions, experience in the subject matter is a vital ingredient.

With this in mind, “MGFC Executive Search” works as a support service to our business consulting and therefore has the capacity to access a selective network of professionals with practical experience in specific disciplines.

Our primary expertise is “people management” advice, which starts with search and select services, we are not a recruitment service as such.

We work on the premise that people are the most valuable asset of an organisation and therefore selecting and managing them has to meet the strategic direction and intent of the business.

  • Board Directors & Chair
  • Executive Management (C – Suite level)
  • Business Development Professionals                                                                                                              recruitment-250x250
  • Professional disciplines (Law, Accounting,  Finance, Engineering etc)



“National Reach with Specialist Knowledge”

With over two decades of experience in “managing people” in various roles and at all levels we know what our clients want and expect. We work on a flat fee structure quoted in advance.

We have  FWA experience and formal accreditations in workplace Mediation.

We have a fixed fee model and We guarantee our work.

To enquire about our services email us confidentially via: info@mgf.com.au